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How to identify a high quality hot drill product

Hot drilling technology refers to the processing technology of diamond inlaying into leather, cloth and other materials. Hot drills are usually used for cloth, i.e. clothing or fabric accessories. Its working principle is when hot drilling meets high temperature (because most drills are crystal or glass, they are not afraid of high temperature). The normal temperature is about 150-200. Melt the adhesive layer at the bottom of the drill bit and stick it to the object. At present, hot drilling clothing has become a fashion and trend. As a kind of jewelry, hot stamping can increase the beauty and value of clothes.

Hot drilling technology is generally divided into three steps: hole selection, row drilling and buried drilling. So how do we judge quality? It is mainly divided into three steps: first, look at the appearance, look at the gum, look at the compactness;

1 look at the appearance first:

First of all, take a look at the cutting surface of the hot drill. The smoother the cutting surface, the higher the diopter and the better the brightness. Secondly, see whether the cutting surface is uniform. If there are incisors, scratches, bubbles, etc., it is regarded as defective products. The hot drilling process is strict, the process is complex, and the yield is not very high. Diamonds with a defect rate of 3% - 5% should be regarded as good products, and then see whether the diamond size is general. The diameter of SS6 is 1.9-2.1mm, and the diameter of SS10 is 2.7-2.9mm. We should also see if the height of the bit is normal.

Take a look at the gum

Turn the diamond over to see the color of the gum, whether the color is uniform and ordinary, and there is no difference in depth. Bright and even color, like a good diamond.

Look at the firmness

The higher the solubility of the glue on the back of the hot drill, the better the hardness of the diamond. The best way to identify diamonds is to iron them and wash them in the washing machine. If it doesn't fall off after washing, the fastness is good. If you wash it, it will fall off. It is proved that the strength of glue is not allowed and good products can not be dry cleaned.

First of all, use wood or plastic board to make templates of various patterns, and then arrange the diamonds in the fixed position on the wood template, and then stick the patterns arranged by adhesive paper together to make inlay drill.

Finally, the things used in the hot drilling process are generally: ultrasonic hot drilling, ultrasonic point drilling, ultrasonic nail drilling, hot stamping press, etc., but the most commonly used should be hot stamping press.

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